Instructions and Support

On this page you can find directions for shopping online and for using the PDF patterns you are buying. If you can't find instructions addressing a specific problem, please send an e-mail to 


An order is placed from the Sewing Desk.  Select the pattern you want to order by clicking the button titled "Move pattern to Sewing Desk". You can always see the contents of the Sewing Desk at the top of your screen. 

The price of a pattern is shown next to the size information.  All prices include tax.  The patterns are US letter (A4) size pages in PDF document format.  The number of sheets depends on the pattern.  The parts of the pattern are taped together and the completed pattern is cut out from the printed sheets. 


The patterns are purchased with payment made electronically to the account of the online store.


The order is composed of five (5) stages:

1.  Sewing Desk (1/5)

Here you can view a summary of the patterns you are about to purchase.  You can change the contents of your order by continuing to add patterns to the Sewing Desk, by changing the sizes of the patterns on the Sewing Desk, or by removing patterns from the Sewing Desk. 


You can continue your order by clicking on the "Go to order" button


2.  Order information (2/5) 

Provide the required information and select a payment method.  You are required to fill in the fields requesting your first name, last name and e-mail address.  The online payment providers include the PayPal 


You can continue your order by clicking "Next" or return to the Sewing Desk by clicking "Previous". 



3.  Summary (3/5) 

Please review your order to make sure that its contents are correct.  You can still go back to change the details of your order by clicking "Previous".  You can also add more items to your order.  


Once your order is finished and you wish to proceed to payment, click the "Send order" button.  You will be directed to your online banking service provider in stage 4. 


4. Checkout (4/5) 

Your order has now been saved.  At this stage you will see a summary of the payments.  Click the button to continue on to your online banking service provider and purchase your order.



5.  Done (5/5)

Once you have submitted and successfully purchased your order, you will be redirected from the banking website to the page titled "Thank you for your order". From this page, you can download the patterns you have bought by clicking the button titled "Proceed to download files". 


The PDF patterns you have bought are listed on the "Pick up your order" page. Each pattern is individually packaged into a .zip file.  You can now download the packaged file onto your computer by clicking on the "Download packaged file" link.



Confirmation of order 

 A confirmation of order will be sent to the e-mail address given during a successfully completed order.  The confirmation also includes a link to the "Pick up your order" page.  

At this page, you will be asked to enter the reference number and password provided in the confirmation in order to download the patterns you have ordered.  The files are available for download for three (3) days from the moment the order has been placed.


Product licence

You are free to use a pattern bought from the online store in order to make clothing for yourself or for the members of your family.  Copying or otherwise transfering the pattern to another person is forbidden. The patterns available at are priced so that it is more economical as well as easier for each customer to buy their own patterns from the online store than it would be to engage in the painstaking and unauthorised task of copying. It is forbidden to use the patterns commercially without the express written permission given by after reimbursement.


Problems in your order 

If problems occur and you are unable to access your purchase or download the files, contact the seller with this form.  You can also give feedback about your order.


What is a PDF file?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format created by Adobe Systems based on the PostScript language for exchanging documents independently of operating systems.  It is used primarily for electronic publishing and printing. A PDF document is independent of the resolution of a printer or monitor.  The layout, graphics and fonts are exchanged along with the PDF document.  The appearance of the publication remains unchanged in all operating systems.


How to open a PDF file: 

A PDF file is opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin.  If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, download it for free at

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Instructions and support

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